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(EUS) and endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatogra-phy (ERCP). We recommend that endoscopy services across Europe adopt the following seven key and one minor per-formance measures for EUS and ERCP, for measurement and evaluation in daily practice at center and endoscopist level: 1 Adequate antibiotic prophylaxis before ERCP (key per- Combining EUS–FNA and ERCP in a single session could also have applications in other pancreaticobiliary conditions, for example, biliary pancreatitis, or for EUS-assisted, rendezvous stenting of Our GI endoscopy unit is equipped with the latest technology and spacious state-of-the-art interventional endoscopy rooms. Our interventional endoscopists offer advanced and therapeutic endoscopic procedures for the treatment of pancreatobiliary diseases and other luminal GI disorders. We utilize the latest devices and technology available for the treatment of both benign and malignant In this study, 7 of 11 patients who failed in EUS-rendezvous technique was performed ERCP again, and 4 patients succeeded. They analyzed that EUS guided cholangiography indicated the direction for re-ERCP cannulation.

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7,9 Among the various factors, a dilated PD seems to be essential for a successful EUS rendezvous procedure. EUS-guided procedures that allow the performance of an otherwise impossible ERCP, either because cannulation of the papilla cannot be achieved or because the papillary area is out of reach, are included in this stage. Therefore, EUS allows ERCP to be performed. The simplest technique included in this stage is EUS-guided rendezvous. 2017-06-21 ary drainage was reported for the first time (10). EUS-guided rendezvous (EUS-RV) techniques were first reported in 2004 by Mallery (11).

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EUS-guided rendezvous (EUS-RV) techniques were first reported in 2004 by Mallery (11). Recently, EUS-RV has been re-ported as an effective salvage technique after failed ERCP.

Eus rendezvous ercp


Marrache Mohamad K et al. EUS-guided rendezvous ERCP with steerable access device… Endoscopy 2020; 52: E355–E356 E355 This document was downloaded for personal use only. Unauthorized distribution is strictly EUS-rendezvous provided safe and reliable transpapillary bile duct access after failed ERCP cannulation. The selection of the appropriate approach routes, depending on patient condition, is critical. Failed ERCP: EUS Rendezvous (Speaker: Michael Levy) Released: August 2015 Viewing Time: 10 minutes. Summary. Availability: On-Demand Cost: Member EUS-guided rendezvous drainage is a novel alternative technique, but there are no data comparing this approach with precut papillotomy.

Stent placement was unsuccessful in one patient, because of the inability to advance a guidewire into the common hepatic duct. Among these, rendezvous technique seems to be the safest of all EUS-guided procedure at the expense of a not excellent success rate (from 44% to 80%) and with the limit of the need of a accessible papilla by endoscopy.8 These limitations are overcome by direct transluminal EUS-guided approach as hepaticogastrostomy and choledochoduodenostomy that also ensure a 1-stage procedure. of EUS-CDS and HGS. EUS-rendezvous technique Summary of the procedure In EUS-RV, the biliary duct is accessed under EUS and fluoroscopic guidance with the creation of a temporary fistula followed by guidewire placement via the biliary duct and ampulla into the duodenum.

After guidewire place-ment, ERCP is re-attempted using the EUS-placed Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) has emerged as an attractive tool for pancreaticobiliary ductal access and drainage in cases of unsuccessful cannulation during endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP).1,2 This approach has recently gained popularity because of a reasonably high technical success rate and favorable safety profile in expert hands.3,4 The EUS-guided rendezvous approach Rendezvous techniques, either percutaneous or EUS-guied, were required for endoscopic access in the other 9 patients.

A main advantage of PTC over ERCP … Failed ERCP: EUS Rendezvous (Speaker: Michael Levy) Course List. Login Login.
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Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) is the standard  Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) requires deep biliary cannulation. When deep biliary cannulation is failed, the endoscopic  ERCP cannulation. Precut papillotomy. EUS-guided pseudocyst drainage. EUS- guided rendezvous. EUS-guided biliary drainage.