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Vi håller för närvarande på att skapa innehåll för den här delen. Johan's objective with the Bluesmaster-S was simple: To add some air around the notes. Here’s what he says: “I have maintained the familiar Bluesmaster ‘59 perimeter, while radically altering the construction, utilizing a solid center block with a carved top and back. What Johan Gustavsson has created in his Bluesmaster is a guitar that takes the best parts of two classic guitars and becomes something totally new. This solid body version has incredible sustain and attitude.

Johan gustavsson bluesmaster

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$296 price drop + $99 Shipping. As low as A very high-quality bespoke Les Paul style instrument by the legendary luthier Johan Gustavsson. This model, the Bluesmaster Custom '59, is one of his flagship models. This guitar features a Honduran mahogany body and flame maple body cap finished in a stunning nitrocellulose burst, the neck is a 2011 Johan Gustavsson Bluesmaster Special PBG in Vintage 2-tone Sunburst Wer noch nichts von Johann Gustavsson gehört hat, der sollte sich ausgiebig über diesen beeindruckenden Gitarrenbaumeister aus Schweden informieren. Die von ihm gebauten Gitarren, liegen im Schnitt bei 10.000€ aufwärts.

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This one was specially selected for a custom order by Cliff at DestroyAllGuitars. P90s.

Johan gustavsson bluesmaster

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Sound path: guitar > Savage Anasounds pedal > Fulltender Bluesmaster Custom ´59 ; Bluesmaster Custom ´59 Limited ; Bluesmaster S; Dotmaster; Futuremaster II; Astrocaster; Fullerblaster ; Fullerblaster S; Bluesmaster model I; Vibromaster; News! About; Gallery; Contact. Dealers; Webshop; JG Guitars Johan Gustavsson handmade guitars . JOHAN GUSTAVSSON GUITARS JG GUITARS SWEDEN. Gallery _81A0166 Johan Gustavsson Guitars.

Johan Gustavsson is considered one of the greatest guitar builders alive today. Living in Sweden, Johan makes all of his guitars  The real deal -2005-vintage-cherry-nitro I can probably work something out  JG Guitars Johan Gustavsson handmade guitars. Bluesmaster Custom ´59 Ltd. Bluesmaster S. Bluesmaster Custom ´59 · Bluesmaster Custom Ltd. 23 Jun 2015 The Bluesmaster Custom 59 pictured above will set you back about $11,000 USD. You could get a Tele style guitar for less. The Fullerblaster  ders Guild Gustavsson Bluesmaster habe ich be- merkt, dass, wenn ich Ihre Qualität bedenke, ich. Angst vor einer echten schwedischen Gustavs- son bekomme  12 Jan 2012 The cases of Johan Gustavsson Bluesmaster Special, Koll Duo Glide and b3 Fire electric guitars, during a studio shoot for Guitarist  Johan Gustavsson Guitars: Johan Gustavsson Bluesmaster Gustavsson Guitar Letters from America Johan Gustavsson Bluesmaster Custom 1; 2 · 3 · 4 · 5  13-feb-2018 - 2013 Johan Gustavsson Bluesmaster S Brazilian-Vintage Cherry. Gustavsson Bluesmaster 2004 Goldtop | Prime Guitars | Reverb JOHAN GUSTAVSSON GUITARS Bluesmaster-S Washed Cherry Gibson Studio, Cool Guitar,  16 Oct 2017 Hello everyone. Looking to trade my Johan Gustavsson Bluesmaster Special PGB TV Yellow The guitar is in a near mint condition, I would say  1 Sep 2020 Johan Gustavsson – an Oxblood Futuremaster, unusually refinished.
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The Swedish builder Johan Gustavsson builds these nice guitars amongst others: bluesmaster 59 then click on "Fler bilder på Bluesmaster  Gustavsson Blues Master Custom built by Luthier Johan Gustavsson, with body and neck from 50 year old mahogany, and rosewood fretboard.

This one has all the goodness of his 59 Bluesmaster with some added touches that will appeal to anyone who appreciates the nuances of a great burst.
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Gallery _81A0166 Johan Gustavsson Guitars. 3,233 likes · 455 talking about this. Musical Instrument 2015-06-23 Near mint Gustavsson Bluesmaster Jr. Comes with original case (one ding), but the guitar is very clean, near mint.