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2020-12-27 The English modal verbs 'can', 'could', 'may' and 'might' are used to talk about possibilities. This English modal verbs lesson will help you learn how to us May/might/could + dạng hoàn thành diễn tả điều gì đó trong quá khứ có thể đúng. Miranda may have missed the train. (Miranda có thể đã lỡ tàu.) The train might have been delayed.

May might could

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If I feel like it. And finally! We’re sliding down the scale. If we are to any to thirty percent (30%) sure of something happening, We use the word COULD. Could is less certain than MAY or MIGHT: I could help you with your May, might and could + perfect infinitive express uncertainty with reference to past actions: We haven't heard from him for ten years. He may/might/could have died. (Perhaps he has died, but we don't know.) But when we want to say that something was possible but did not happen, we use might or could: 2018-02-08 2016-02-11 Could I use your phone please?

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Exercise on how to use can, could, may and might to ask permission or offer something. Ask permission or offer to do something. If there are two auxiliaries in brackets ( ), choose the correct one. Follow the example.

May might could

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3 (Could/May) you open the window a bit, please? 4 He (can/could) be French, judging by his accent.
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May expresses a greater degree of certainty: You should ask him. He may/might know   Modal verbs of deduction – must, might, could, can't.

They might could take the bus to the movies. Tags: Question 8 .
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Swedish Modal Verbs - ielanguages.com

What's the meaning of may? The meaning of could or might? When should you use could or might? Find out with a detailed lesson on all three modal verbs. "May," "might," and "could" can all be used to say that something is possible, as in "The story may/might/could be true" or "The painting may/might/could be very old." You can use any of the three in contexts like these.